Giuseppe Verdi

Giovanna d’Arco

Жанна д’Арк

Giuseppe Verdi premiered Giovanna d’Arco at La Scala on February 15, 1845. It was played for the last time on 23 September 1865. After 150 year’s absence, it returned again for the opening of the season.Verdi himself considered it one of his best works. Despite its relative rarity, it is a work of the utmost musical quality.

In this production staged by the French-Belgian duo Moshe Leiser and Patrice Caurier, Riccardo Chailly, one of the world’s most acclaimed “Verdian” directors, is on the podium, for the first time, with Anna Netrebko and and Francesco Meli. Chailly defined this performance as “an opera about the father-daughter relationship so important in Verdi’s operas.” Anna Netrebko’s interpretation was described as the most exciting in the star’s career and the pairing Netrebko – Meli as a match made in heaven.




2 hours 42 minutes




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